A pirate’s life for me…

~Coming July 27th from Loose Id~

There’s something perfect about my first story featuring a pirate being released during the RWA conference in Orlando.  I’ve alway been fascinated by sexy swashbucklers, but it wasn’t until Johnny Depp brought Disney’s Jack Sparrow to life that my  fascination became obsession.  No surprise for those of you who know that Depp rocks my world! Since I don’t typically write historical, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to create my own pirate character.

Watching a classic film called The Ghost and Mrs. Muir proved me wrong. A pirate character came to me and he wouldn’t stop whispering in my ear until I brought his story to life!

Captain Jack Anders is a ghost raised from a watery grave by a vengeful seawitch, but his wonderful wicked ways are far too much for magic to control.  In Perfect Storm a young sorceress, a dark and dangerous lighthouse keeper and the ghost of an unrepentant pirate come together in a tempest of taste and touch and torment even as outside forces threaten to tear them apart.


Firm land beneath her feet always startled her. She swayed, seeking to gain her footing as an icy blast of ocean air stung her face. Harsh wind was so unlike the soft, undulating currents that were her usual world. Cold and shivering, the sea witch stumbled from the waves and made her way to the highest point of the island.

His island.

Grief buffeted her newly manifested body as surely as the freezing wind. It was the tragic loss of her lover that made her quake, not the winter Atlantic blast. Bereavement squeezed her newly manifest heart, and in her chest that organ was oddly empty and ready to burst at the same time.

Once every ten years she was able to walk on land. In times past — happier times — he would have met her and warmed her. With love and sex, he had made her cursed existence worth living. But he was dead and forever gone to the heavens, his innate goodness taking him to a higher realm than even her magic could penetrate.

Now there was only their son. The last vestige of the warmth they’d shared for decades.


And he was in danger from the same evil sorcerer who had caused his father’s demise.

Callista raised her pale, skeletal hands to the sky, and immediately the sea responded, swirling and churning to its depths as if a hurricane kissed over its waves. Deep, deep beneath the surface, the decayed remains of a once-mighty pirate ship rose up at her command. For a moment the debris seemed to coalesce, forming the ghostly outline of a three-masted schooner.

But it wasn’t the ship she called.

She called its captain — a man too wicked for heaven and too heavenly for hell.

Trembling, she used every last drop of power she could milk from her magic in order to raise the spirit from his watery grave. Finally, as her tension reached its peak, a shadow detached itself from the ship. The deserted wreck was left to burst apart, to sink and settle like a flurry of fireflies back to the ocean floor. The shadow gathered and darkened and then rose, beckoned by her straining fingers.

Waves half a mile beneath the cliff on which she stood rolled and shifted, angrily crashing into the shore. Then they receded with a foaming roar to gather strength and attack again.

The spirit floated toward the surface and became lost in the frothy caps of breaking waves that carried it closer. Lightning tracked across the sky, illuminating the beach, and as thunder boomed, shadowy foam washed up on the island’s shore, bringing with it her last hope for revenge and salvation.>>

I loved bringing my very own Captain Jack to life.  On July 27th, I hope you’ll enjoy his ghostly seduction;)

2 Responses to “A pirate’s life for me…”
  1. Suzanne Rock says:

    This story sounds so interesting – thanks for sharing! I love the little JB button at the bottom, too. You are going to have to show me how to do that, lol. The cover is fantastic, too. I can hardly wait until it comes out!

  2. Amanda Vyne says:

    Shiver me timbers! That’s some great stuff. I can’t wait!

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