Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Sandra Sookoo

Welcome, Sandra, to Embrace the Shadows!  Your next release is Vegetarian at Midnight, the sequel to The Art of Fang Shui.  It will release on August 6th.  It’s about a werewolf and a vegetarian who ultimately battle a fallen angel (from Eirelander Publishing. .) Without plot spoilers, tell us about this unlikely threesome.

Well, I’m excited to share Xavier’s (my werewolf) story with the world!  Folks met him in the last part of The Art of Fang Shui and now this golden-haired Adonis has his own issues to deal with.  Under a gypsy curse and doomed to be a werewolf for the rest of his life, Xavier is looking to lift the curse.  The only way is through the Portal Master (the fallen angel) but before he can gain an audience with this man, he needs to be introduced by a Gatekeeper.  Enter the heroine, Sophia, who is also a vegetarian.  Fate throws them both a curveball by making them a mated pair.  Poor Sophia has to deal with fending off Xavier’s advances, his people-eating tendencies as well as trying to keep the Portal Master from killing them both.  Sometimes I think Xavier’s too handsome for his own good and this gets him into trouble—big time.  Throw in a cast of strange characters and you have a great time, paranormal style!

I love your holiday magic series.  You have three out now, with three more set to debut in 2011.  The book video on your website for Crystal Falls, the locale for this series, paints an idyllic setting for a host of supernatural characters.  Did you base Crystal Falls on a real town?

LOL Thanks for loving my series!  It’s near and dear to my heart because I married my love of magic, the paranormal and holidays into one continuous story.  Did I base Crystal Falls on a real town?  Kinda/sorta LOL  There are a couple of small towns I know of but I didn’t technically model my town on them.  I thought dropping such an unlikely story idea into a small town would be ideal so that’s how it came about.’Crystal Falls’&url=’

Damaged Cargo, a hard-edged, sexy sci-fi will release in September with Purple Sword Publications.  Your stories run the gamut from sweet romances to uber sexy.  Is there more than one Sandra Sookoo?

More than one me?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Imagine how much work I could get done!  But seriously, the reason why I write between extremes is to keep my brain alive and aware.  It also keeps my readers happy since there’s something for everyone.  Sometimes a story doesn’t need overt sex to be effective.  Sometimes a tale is best told with sweet kisses.  It just really depends on the tone of the story.  Quite frankly, I love this aspect of writing.  I think it keeps things fresh and people guessing.

You list your hobbies as baking, cooking, traveling, and Disney.  Okay, I have to ask, do you have any recipes that incorporate baking with Disney?  Please share.

Do I personally have a recipe that does this?  Not really. But I do have a recipe that an acquaintance gave to me at one time.  It’s for a cocktail:

Top of the World Bar
Disney’s Contemporary Resort

1 1/4 ounces gin
1 1/4 ounces pineapple juice
1 1/4 ounces orange juice
1 ounce grenadine
1/2 ounce lemon bar mix
1 1/2 ounces heavy cream
3/4 cup crushed ice
orange slice
maraschino cherry

Mix gin, fruit juices, grenadine, lemon bar mix, and heavy cream in a blender with ice. Blend for 10 seconds. Pour into a tall glass. Garnish with orange slice and cherry.

I suppose if I had more time I could come up with a recipe incorporating my two loves.  Hmmm, now I’m going to have to think about it!

Where can readers contact you?

You can find information on books available right now and upcoming releases at  On the front page of the website, you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and my personal blog.  I hope you’ll check it out!  Or you can write to me at

Thanks for letting me talk about my writing!  I had a very good time.

2 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Sandra Sookoo”
  1. Sue Brandes says:

    Hi Sandra. That recipe sounds yummy! I love the cover of your new book. Loved the trailer!! And the story sounds wonderful! Cannot wait!

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