Writers Are Models…of How to Live Life, Of Course.

(So sorry. This blog post was scheduled for early this morning. I blame it on the gremlins.)

I want to start this special Saturday blog off with saying that writers, no matter the make and model (and some do look like models — ahem– Elisabeth Naughton), are true livers. I say livers because because as a writer we have the entire spectrum of of the human condition within the scope of our pen (ie. keyboards) and we share it. Liberaly. In this profession we purposely subject ourselves to humiliation, rejection, ridicule and abject misery…over and over again. Yet we persevere. AND we refer back to the experience with grace and humor. Extraordinary!

So, yesterday at RWA the speaker was Jayne Ann Krentz with her own story of perseverance and reinventing herself as a writer which Ms. Krentz has done time and time again. She humorously defined being successful in that regard as being on the “cutting edge” without going to the “bleeding edge.” She said the secret of her own success was her dedication to three rules and the impression of that message is so very simple yet resonates with power and wisdom. The first she said was identifying your core story; that theme that compels you as a writer.  Next, you must familiarize yourself with the market which means understanding all the sub-genres of romance. If you know this then you can adapt your core story to the changing market. And lastly she says, as a writer, you must understand the importance of the “fictional landscape”. Be sure that you are true to the setting, maintaining continuity and accuracy whether it be of your own making in a paranormal world or that established by the annals of history in a historical. And this has seemed to work for her. Wonderful woman.

Later in the afternoon I went to some book signings where I reconnected with the fabulous Pamela Palmer, whom I have run into several times during the conference. She is a truly exceptional and graceful lady. In fact…I have an autographed copy of one of her Feral Warriors books that I will be giving away in the near future. The chests displayed on the covers of this series are shiver worthy. Love them! I also got many other books that will be given away as well, check back for the details.

And finally, I sat in on a Spotlight on Avon, the romance division of Harper Collins. They were very excited to give a rundown on what Avon has in store in the coming years. As most of you know, Avon purchased some front lists and back lists of authors previously with Dorchester. The one that excited me the most was Christine Feehan’s Dark Prince, which they say they have reprinted to include 100 pages of cut material. And the new cover is hauntingly beautiful. Also, they gave some suggestions for submission to their imprint. They do accept unagented queries and they ask that you do not include attachments. The general consensus seemed to be “dark and twisty” paranormals, Regency or Victorian historicals and home town centric contemporaries. Just an FYI for those interested.

It has been an exciting and  informative conference thus far. I can’t wait to see what happens today.

3 Responses to “Writers Are Models…of How to Live Life, Of Course.”
  1. Cora says:

    Awesomeness. Thank you for sharing your info – it’s much appreciated!

  2. I’ve been in a constant state of amazement all week as you managed to do all you’ve done for the blog and still accomplish all you needed to accomplish elsewhere. You are incredible lady and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you!

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