Clash of the Covers 9.6.10

Congratulations to DEATH SWORD by Pamela Turner for winning last week’s Clash!

And now on to this week’s Clash of the Covers…

What Grace Conley says: Gotta love a man in a kilt!    😉

What Susan Blexrud says: Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a bare chest.  And how about that rugged mug?  Yum!

What Barbara J. Hancock says:  Intensity.  I’m crazy curious about this man.  That amazing sexy stare had me at first glance.

To vote in this week’s poll click here:

2 Responses to “Clash of the Covers 9.6.10”
  1. And now our poll is up and running! Be sure to click by and pick your favorite:)

  2. Pamela L says:

    Thank you! This is my first cover and I’m so glad people like it. 🙂 Good luck to the covers for this week’s clash.

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