Embrace the Shadows Welcomes Sascha Illyvich!

Hi everyone! Today we are going to continue our guest author miniseries. Today I’d like to welcome Sascha Illyvich to Embrace the Shadows. Sascha writes fantastic stories for for Renaissance E-books, and Total E-bound. Today, he’s going to talk to us about something he’s an expert on — male POV. 😉

Take it away Sascha!


One of the biggest issues female romance writers have is writing from the Male POV.  As authors, we may often ask our spouses about behavior issues.  We’re often left stumbling when our spouses can’t give us an exact answer, as is usually the case in dealing with the male mind.

Female author:  “Honey, why do you men behave in X fashion?”

Male Spouse:  “Hell if I know.”  Or a grunt or shoulder shrug for the response.

This doesn’t help anyone at all and then when the female romance novelist goes to find information, she’s confronted with a myriad of blogs, studies, postings, and an overwhelming amount of news that would make anyone scream!

Being a male romance author, I’ve seen some of the information the female gender shares about us and I must say much of it is inaccurate BUT I happen to be slightly biased.  Most of my friends are female; I am engrossed in this genre as a writer and hardly deal with men outside the cigar/wine industry.  In fact, I had a post on how I’m often one of the girls because I don’t behave like a typical male.

Back to the writing, when we’re talking about male POV we’re really talking about the same thing in both genders, especially when we break down the story’s plot. Romance is basically very simple:

Two people come together because they listen to their hearts.  But men are taught to ignore feelings in order to forage for survival.  Women often are taught to go with their instincts, which can be emotionally based.  If something feels wrong, it probably is.

The disconnect in romance creates conflict.  IE, I can’t be with her, I’ll fall in love and she might hurt me.  Or vice versa with the women.  But what we need to realize is that our males, oftentimes played as jaded heroes have inner issues that we must address and utilize to forward plot.  We’re taking that inner angst from men that usually comes out as vitriol and realizing that it’s truly passion.  There are underlying reasons for their behavior that usually stem from the past and create our way of being  When we identify the reasons for them, we can let our heroines see a little more into the man and why he’s who he is.  It’s up to her then to help him grow, not change.

Routinely, I teach courses on Male POV for Romance authors with course information found here. Feel free to pop on over to see the syllabus and find out when and where I’m scheduled to teach!


Can Luka convince Michele that she is his mate, or will his being single cause the regional packs to turn against him?

Luka has finally united the local and regional packs of Northern California, but Lajon the Eldest says Luka needs a mate to balance him out.

Michele hates the fact that she’s Lupine and wants nothing to do with her heritage since the accidental killing of her parents. Yet the necklace Luka wears intrigues her despite her disposition towards wolves.

Can the two lovers share passion and learn to be together from the heart or will the work Luka’s put into building an alliance go to waste?

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He laughed. “You think you could actually shove me?”

Michele dropped down to one knee and threw a leg out in a sweeping motion.

Luka stood solid where he was, the hit connecting with enough force to annoy him. As he glanced down at Michele, the wild sweep of her hair spread out over her back made him think of how lovely she’d look taking his cock in her mouth.

Still, he managed restraint. “If you’ll get up and knock off the silly nonsense, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about my relationship with your sister.”

Looking defeated, Michele stood and brushed stray hairs from her face. She smirked. “You’re strong. You’re a wolf, huh?”

He grimaced. “Wanna see me get furry and fang-like?”

Michele set a hand on her hip and tilted her head. “I’ve no interest in furries. They sicken me on a regular basis, actually.”

Luka snorted. “Bad break-up with one?”

Tiffany swatted Luka on the shoulder and glared at him.

He shrugged his shoulders. “What? She came into my house and—”

Tiffany glared harder.

Luka huffed. “Fine. Look, it’s really simple. Your sister and I have nothing going on between us, but for whatever reason, she feels I’m a safe haven. Turns out she’s a really good person I can talk to and trust almost implicitly. Satisfied?”

Michele frowned. “That’s all? What’s with the submission thing? Kinky people are sick and often fucked up in the head.”

Luka felt his blood beginning to boil. How dare she come into his house and insult what she didn’t understand? “You don’t know what you’re talking about, obviously. Nor do you know shit about the lupine culture. Clearly, you’re a damn fool. I should just shove your sister aside and devour you.” He let the arousal mix with the heat in his gaze and reach his eyes.

Michele turned away in disgust.

“Fine. Whatever. I don’t care. At any rate, I have business with your sister. So you’re free to make yourself at home. I’ll make you a drink or there’s food in the fridge if you’re hungry.”

Michele turned to face him. “Steak?”

Luka grinned slowly, letting his fangs show. “Yeah, actually.”

The woman snorted.

Gripping Luka’s shoulder, Tiffany started laughing.

He looked down at her and smirked. “What did I ever do to you, little girl?”

She stopped laughing long enough to meet his gaze.  She couldn’t help but laugh again. “Nothing, master. Just the interaction between you two is amusing.”

Michele snorted. “‘Master’ my ass.”

Without missing a beat, Luka turned his gaze upon Michele’s and caught her stare. “I intend to.”

She scoffed and left for the kitchen.

Tiffany’s laughter died down.  She narrowed her eyes and lowered her chin. “I take it you felt the obvious?”

He pulled her towards his den. Once inside the room, he shut the door. “She won’t bother us in here, will she?”

Tiffany took a seat on the leather couch and crossed her legs just as she’d been taught so if she were nude, Luka could still stare at her shaved pussy. True, they hadn’t slept together, but that didn’t mean he didn’t get to take his pleasure form viewing her lovely figure.

“No.” She straightened against the back of the couch. “She won’t. I didn’t bring her here on purpose. She swore she needed to come along, though. And you did feel the effects of the pendant, right?”

Luka walked to a wooden cabinet and opened it. Retrieving two glasses, he set them down on the desk before pouring two shots of bourbon into them. Handing one to Tiffany, he smirked and sipped his.

She lifted her glass and took a sip. Coughing at the first swallow, she patted her chest before she set the drink down on the arm of the couch. “Yeah, I’m not much of a drinker, remember?”

Feeling embarrassed, Luka grabbed the pitcher of fresh water and poured a splash into her glass. “Sorry. It’s just that you spend so much time around here normally that I forget you’re human and not a big hard liquor fan.”

She smiled and set her hand on his. “It’s okay.” She swirled the ice around and took another sip apparently without any trouble, this time.

Luka poured himself another round and sat down on the leather chair across from her. Patting his thigh, he beckoned her to come towards him.

She rose daintily, as she had been taught, graceful in her every movement. She walked towards him, drink in hand, then settled on his lap and snuggled against him. “What’s the problem, baby?”

Drawing her close, Luka buried his head in her thick mane. He didn’t speak, using a mental link to convey feelings to her that she’d understand better than if he spoke the emotions.

She straightened. “It’s that time, isn’t it?”

He nodded.

She stared into his eyes and waited for a beat.

His shoulders rose and fell. He reclined against the back of the chair and wrapped his arms around her waist. “If I don’t find a mate, I’m okay with that. But the pack I built would be taken from me, and for what?”

Author Bio:

I started writing ten years ago, releasing poetry and an occasional short erotica story before focusing on fetish romance and various subgenres.  My books have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended read list, as well nominated for the CAPA.

I am the host of the Unnamed Romance Show on Radio Dentata and continue to write for Renaissance E-books, and Total E-bound.  Readers can find my work, plus free reads at http://saschaillyvichauthor.com

I’m also part of the WriteSex Panel, a blog group defining erotica for writers in any genre! Find us at http://www.writesex.net

Sascha Illyvich

Romance Writer – http://saschaillyvichauthor.com

Fetishist – http://www.saschaillyvich.com

Erotic Expert – http://www.writesex.net

Radio Host – http://shows.radiodentata.com/shows/unnamed-romance-show/

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/saschaillyvich

2 Responses to “Embrace the Shadows Welcomes Sascha Illyvich!”
  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this with us today:>

  2. I’m always pleased when a man takes the time to read my work and says I nailed the male characters. I love to write men, but it does require putting my female brain said and really trying to think like the opposite sex. I have more trouble when it comes to M/M love scenes. Careful attention to keeping in character – again fully defining a character, helps me. And sometime another male author. *wink*

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