Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Kaylie Austen

Our guest author today, Kaylie Austen, has a 5 chapter paranormal romance novella that was released last May through MS Fiction in a digest called Weres in the City 1. She will also have two more 5 chapter novellas released later this year in Weres in the City 2 and 3. To add to that, she will be combining all three stories into a novel to be released at the end of the year.


The first story, Cajun Spice, is about a shape-shifter named Ethan who is on the hunt for his rogue brother. His mission takes him to New York City where a local fireman clan takes him in during his assignment. Here, he ignites a torrid and illicit affair with the clan’s human tenant, Kila. The sequel, Secrets of the French Quarter, takes the dangerous affair to New Orleans where Ethan’s clan and his alpha female discover Kila and vow to destroy her. Ethan must choose between his pack and his forbidden mortal lover. The third installment, The District, takes the story to Kila’s place of birth in Washington, D.C. where the whispers in her head lead her to the roots of her origin, explaining why and how she could have mated with a shifter being only human herself. Though Kila can’t become a paranormal creature, she has been bred to become their worst nightmare. This torrid affair becomes more passionate and perilous than ever expected.


 Now, for the questions…

  1. Where do you get the ideas for your stories?
  2. Who are your favorite authors?  What about their stories appeals to you?
  3. How do you market yourself?
  4. Okay, just for fun, if you could be a contestant on American Idol, what would you sing and what would you wear?
  5. Where can readers buy your books and keep in touch with you?

 And the answers…

1)                  Thank you so much for having me, I’m very excited about being here. I wrote Cajun Spice because I was trying my hand at shorter stories and, at the same time, romance. My main character, Ethan, is a combination of X-Men’s Gambit and a tortured immortal from the depths of my own imagination. What I love about Ethan’s world is that there is no definitive line between good and bad. Ethan is a shape-shifter and his lover is the mortal Kila. I attempted to debunk the werewolf myths and legends in my story, which all come together in the novel, Immortal Bloodlines, to be released in March 2011.

            Cajun Spice was supposed to be short and simple, but the story wouldn’t end there and I wrote Secrets of the French Quarter, now available through MS Fiction. The second installment takes the story to New Orleans, a place which I’ve had the privilege of visiting recently. I loved it so much that I had to incorporate the rich culture and legends into the story, giving it a dark twist. The District delves into even darker areas of an unknown shifter realm, pulling apart Kila’s world and throwing her into her legacy. Don’t let her fool you, though, she won’t always be the damsel in distress. I don’t like a feeble and weak heroine who always needs to be saved and that’s where Kila’s heritage comes into play. The novel adds more to these three novellas, ideas that I’ve pulled from childhood stories.

2)                  I thoroughly enjoy Jane Austen and Shakespeare and their “old school” form of writing. I wish that I could see more of that in today’s literature where there is depth to the story as well as vocabulary and originality. I also enjoy Louis L’Amour, who was an American west frontier writer. The Walking Drum was my favorite novel, traveling across Europe’s older civilization with just a small amount of romantic element. I like to read older works that have very little to do with fantasy or science fiction. On the other hand, I like to watch mainly fantasy and science fiction to balance out my entertainment.

3)                  I’m fairly new to all of this and as time goes by, I learn to better market myself. I use social networking, Facebook, as well as Blogspot. Readers can find me sprinkled here and there in interviews and reviews. As I gather momentum, readers can expect to hear my lovely voice on air with radio stations, as well as giveaways, signings, and posters.

4)                  American Idol? Are you ready for this? Aside from my classical taste in literature and my love for fantasy, I’m a sucker for rap but I don’t think American Idol looks for rappers so I’ll go with Christina Aguilera’s Fighter. I love the guitar and the range of her voice. Because I would like to bring plaid back, I would wear a pleated forest green and black plaid miniskirt with a blank strap tank top and knee high black boots. Can I add black nail polish and black fingerless gloves?

5)                  Readers can find my work at Midnight Showcase Fiction, All Romance eBooks,, and Readers can also add me on Facebook and keep up with random ramblings and updates at I would love to hear from readers!

4 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Kaylie Austen”
  1. Welcome, Kaylie! Thank you for visiting EtS today and telling us a little bit about yourself and your books. They’re beautiful, btw! You were blessed by the cover gods!

  2. Kaylie Austen says:

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed being here and I especially like the second digest cover myself. Now I wish that I could use that background for the book!

  3. Joe Washington says:

    Wow, sounds very different from any other wolf series I’ve ever read. I look forward to reading and ejoying this series, and book!

  4. Victoria Wooldridge says:

    I’m intrigued by your description of the heroine. Terrific!

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