EtS welcomes Nicole Dennis and her McDrakken Warriors

PictureHello! For those who remember me when I came around Embrace the Shadows with Dragon’s Grace, Barbara graciously let me return with the second book of McDrakken Warriors called Dragon’s Sanity.


Can an amnesiac warrior recover his memories in time to find his missing love and help his entire race?

The red dragon warrior appeared out of a storm, a traumatic injury, leaving him only with the memory of the name of Jackson. Suffering from agonizing seizures, he dreams and draws intricate portraits of the same ethereal woman.

After  making his way across the snowy lands to the remote cabin he’s seen in his dreams, Jackson tries to unlock the door of memories to discover who he–and the woman haunting his vision–are.

Will the angelic face of his dreams be the one to open the door or will the darkness of his missing past overwhelm any chance of love and recovery?

Content Warning: A sexy dragon warrior chivalrous to the core. He can just as easily handle a sword, a drawing pencil, or skim a finger over a woman’s body. An evil Councilor’s defiance against destiny and a beloved leader.

How did all this come around from Book 1? Well, I don’t rightly know. I was all ready to write Cal and Lauri’s return to the Scottish castle after the ending of Dragon’s Grace, but the muse, evil little fairy brat that she is, decided it wasn’t what she wanted. Oh no, not her.
Muse: Excuse me? ‘Evil little fairy brat’? Me? After all I do for you? I give you all kinds of wonderful, grand ideas to lead you to publication and you call me an evil little fairy brat? You know I can disappear just like that and let you be?
Me: Wonderful grand ideas that stop mid-plot point? Mid chapter? Hanging me out to dry half-way through the book? Right… You know I have two cats who love to dine on fresh muse wings?
Muse: :: looking around in a worried fashion :: Cats? I don’t like cats. Where are they? You wouldn’t dare call your delightful…umm..kitties on me now, would you, beloved author of mine?
Me: Oh, they’re sleeping in the other room. For now. But, they’ll come with a little call. They love their mommy and a shake of fairy muse wings. Now, cooperate, Muse.
Muse: Yes, dear author.
Anyway, back to my story about Dragon’s Sanity. Ahem. :: Looking at the Muse ::
Muse: Jackson came to me and wanted his story told first. I had to push him through. :: slender shoulders shrug :: Besides, that dragon scientist still isn’t talking to me. I can’t help it if he doesn’t want his story told yet. Not my fault who wants their story told first, even if it is a series.
:: Shaking my head :: Very well. Dragon’s Sanity is the story of a red dragon warrior, named Jackson, who appeared in the interim of Callum’s time on his mountain. (Not mentioned in his book.) Still, as you will learn, Jackson becomes very important to the overall storyline of the McDrakken’s and the world of the dragon warriors, which I hope you all come to love. I expanded on the lore, the world, and the history behind the warriors and how they’ve come to be in their lands and culture. Plus, you have the love story of Jackson finding himself and his dream lady. So, I hope you all enjoy Book 2 and please let me know what you think or even what you wish to see in Book 3 of McDrakken Warriors. By the way, Muse hasn’t been cooperating with me on it.
Muse: See, I told you I was right to push Jackson forward. I told you, that stupid scientist dragon isn’t cooperating. I need to go talk to one of the other warriors and see what their story is. Silly author not trusting a muse. I’m sure I’ll come up with something good.
Me: That’s it. Kitties! Fresh muse wings, nice and tasty!
:: Meow! Meow! :: Scrambling of paws… Screech of one petrified Muse racing helterskelter.
New Facebook Status:   WANTED: One Muse Needed to Inspire Author

Nicole Dennis
Writing Romance with a Twist – Web Picture
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  1. Thanks for being our guest today, Nicole!

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