Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Brenda Huber

Welcome, Brenda, to Fangtastic Friday at Embrace the Shadows.  Following is a brief synopsis and an excerpt from your newest book from The Wild Rose Press, entitled Shadows.          


When death tracks her every move, dare she trust a man with his own elusive secrets?

Determined to piece together the shattered remains of her life, world-renowned artist, JJ Frost fled halfway across the country to the inviting township of Sutter Hollow. She soon discovers the town holds shocking mysteries…and unexpected monsters. A series of brutal murders takes the peaceful community by surprise, and murmurs of sinister creatures dance on the night wind. The killer leaves bizarre clues as he fixates his deadly obsession on JJ, and, once again, she must face her nightmares come to life. Can she trust the town’s irresistible lawman to protect her from this enigmatic zealot’s warped sense of duty, or will the sheriff’s own secrets prove more than she can endure?

Sheriff Cameron Walker tracks the Apostle, a twisted serial killer who reveals the citizens of Sutter Hollow’s dark secrets—one biblical Deadly Sin at a time. Soon the darkest secret of all—Cam’s own hidden heritage—is threatened with exposure. When Cam stumbles upon the mysterious, alluring newcomer skulking in the woods near the scene of a brutal homicide, JJ Frost’s haunting eyes and backbone of steel sparks his pagan instincts on a frightening level. Cam has justifiable reasons to mistrust the ancient legend of imprinting and does everything in his power to fight the primal attraction he feels for JJ. But time is running out and the killer is closing in. Will the Apostle claim her as his next victim before Cam can make this encompassing decision and come to terms with his fate?


“Why are you saying these things?”

She fought to pull her hands from his, struggled to put space between them. “What are you trying to do here? Werewolves, Cam? I may be a little off my game tonight, but I’m not crazy. Why are you doing this?”

“JJ…just please, please let me explain. When I’m done…just give me a chance to explain.” And then, because he’d fought the truth for too long and realized he only had one chance to do this right—one chance to truly claim his mate—he gathered her resistant form into his arms and pressed her close. His breath skimmed her lips as his eyes bore into hers. “I love you, JJ. I need you to remember that, when you see… I need you to remember that I love you more than anything.”

His kiss was explosive, fast and hard. His lips demanded a response, would accept nothing less than honest emotion from her. Her response was immediate. She wound her arms around his neck and surrendered with a small whimper. Satisfied, filled with dread, he pulled back and set her away from him before pushing to his feet.

He kept his eyes on her as he slowly worked the buttons of his uniform loose. His gear, boots, and pants followed. Once he’d stripped down to the skin, he offered her one last resigned smile. She was so beautiful—with her big, shining blue eyes, and her damp, golden hair falling all around her shoulders, curled up there in on his sofa, wearing his shirt—that his heart ached. “I love you, Jillian.”

Then he closed his eyes, centered his focus, and gathered inside him all the power the Great Spirit had bestowed upon his ancestor so very long ago.

Questions –

  1.  What about the paranormal attracts you? It’s difficult to pin a specific quality about the paranormal that draws me in.  I’ve always been fascinated.  And when it comes to paranormal romance, particularly in regards to the protagonist, I’d have to say the sheer intensity of his personality and the level of commitment he feels for the woman he loves is irresistible. 
  2. Do you have plans for a follow-up to Shadows? Actually, yes, I do.  I am currently working on the sequel for Shadows.  As yet untitled, it is the story of Rafe Whitlock, Cam’s cousin, and his Lifemate, popular suspense novelist Piper Saunders.  Going home was never in the cards for Rafe Whitlock…at least, not until a covert Special Ops mission went south, leaving Rafe wounded and his best friends dead.  Since that devastating nightmare, every decision he made—every road he’s travelled—has unerringly led him straight back to Sutter Hollow, forcing him to face the secrets that drove him away.  Thrust into the role of reluctant hero, Rafe’s instincts are tearing him apart.  Self-preservation is driving him to hop on his Harley and kick the town’s dust from his heels once and for all, but something far more compelling and infinitely more primal is urging him to stay.  Can Rafe protect Piper from an obsessive fan that grows more jealous—and more dangerous—by the moment?  Or will the dark shadows of Rafe’s past be too terrifying for even Piper’s prolific imagination to accept?


  1. Tell us about your writing life?  Do you have a day job? I have several jobs in fact!  First and foremost, I’m a wife and mother of two wonderful kids.  My son is seven and my daughter is six.  I’m a driver for my local ambulance crew, and I’m also a part-time sales associate.  I have a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak, and so I can’t always devote as much time to my writing as I’d like.  But I’ve always had the need to write, and so I make time…usually late at night, or on a rare day off.
  2. How do you connect with other writers?  Mostly on the internet.  I have quite a few author friends on Facebook, actually.
  3. How do you connect with readers?  I have a website…  where I update reviews and new releases, etc.  And for more personal interaction, I’m on Facebook at Brenda Huber’s Author Page.
  4. Where can we buy your books?  My books are available in both print as well as ebook format at my publisher’s website, of course, , and , as well as many other online book stores.
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  1. Thank you for being our guest, Brenda!

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