EtS Welcomes Marie Beau

Today I’d like to welcome Marie Beau to Embrace the Shadows. Marie is here to promote her new release from Whispers publishing, called “Wolf!” Today, she will be interviewing one of the main characters of the story for us. Take it away, Marie!


Hi Suzanne, thanks for letting us visit here in your neck of the woods. Wolfe and I have been looking forward to this all month.

You know, living in New England all my life has definitely given me an appreciation for the great outdoors. The variety of landscapes that we have here, from the mountains to the ocean, as well as the changing seasons, makes this a wonderful place to live. So I couldn’t resist setting Wolf! in the beautiful mountain region of upper New York.

After a bit of research to be sure the animals I had chosen truly do inhabit the area, I began to work the story. Once again I turned to research, learning what I needed of wolf packs and their behavior. When I learned that wolves mate for life, it made them the perfect choice for my story.

But here, I’ll let Wolfe explain that. I’m sure he can do a much better job. Wolfe?

He takes his gaze off the tray of jerky treats and turns, a smile creasing his lips. Hmmm?

How did you know Lyssa was the one for you, Wolfe?

Running a hand through his curly auburn hair, setting it askew, his golden eyes seem to glow with an inner fire. She’s like a breath of fresh air that I can’t get enough of, a sight I never tire of. When she’s near me, I have to be touching her. The scent of her drives me crazy and soothes me at the same time, and a taste of her makes me want more.

Marie fans herself and takes a deep breath. So it wasn’t really a conscious choice?

He laughs. Not unless you consider getting sucker punched to be a choice.

Marie clears her throat. Okay, so I guess no one else attracts your interest?

A low growl seems to come from Wolfe but he hasn’t moved. She’s mine and I’m hers. There will never be anyone else.

Swallowing hard, Marie looks away. So is that truly love? Or is it lust and need?

Oh there’s love. He chuckles. But I have to admit that came second.

Marie clears her throat. I’ve seen your cubs, they’re absolutely adorable. But the kitten?

He raises his eyebrow. Because Lyssa is a cat, any female offspring will be as well.

Does that bother you?

Wolfe grins. She’ll keep the pups on their toes. Wolfe looks toward the door where Lyssa is gesturing frantically. Um, it’s been a pleasure, he says as he stands and shakes Marie’s hand, but it looks like I have to go.

Marie glances toward the door as Lyssa seems to shrink and disappear. Oh, well, thank you for coming.

As the door closes a tail waves through and Wolfe is gone.

Well, sorry for the abrupt closing, but I know they have a family matter that they’re dealing with right now, that’s why I wasn’t sure if Wolfe would even make it today. It has something to do with his sister…anyway. Thank you for having us.


Thanks for stopping by! And for those readers who are interested, here is some more information about “Wolf!” and where you can find out more about Marie…



Lyssa Merrick has no intention of ever being involved with a wolf, but when Wolfe Reardon seeks her wildlife services she realizes choosing a mate is not always a conscious decision.


She was temptation incarnate. Wolfe wanted to let his fingers linger in her short white-blonde hair. Her pixie face and bright hazel eyes were enough to bring any hot-blooded man back for a second look…or more. The intelligence behind the eyes, the self-contained responses only made him want to dig deeper—get to know her—on every level. It was all Wolfe could do not to lift her over the counter and take advantage of the smell of arousal emanating from her body. But her look was anything but inviting. His fingers clutched the hand he was holding a little tighter, well aware of her resistance. Her sigh was his undoing. He reached behind her neck, his fingers luxuriating in the soft fur at her nape. He needed to taste her lips and take just a lick of her neck, maybe a nibble, mark her as his.

Wolfe leaned forward, tugging gently for her to meet him partway, and suddenly he was holding…air.

Silver white fur glimmered and he caught a glimpse of her twitching whiskers and pointed ears as she swiveled and raced to the back. Her transformation was beautiful. A lynx. A soft, furry, intoxicating cat.

I hope you enjoyed the visit with us. To learn more please stop by and visit.



Release date: 10/1/2010

Whispers Publishing


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