Happy Halloween!!

I know I’ve said before that I don’t like being scared.  Actually, I hate it.  So it may seem at odds that I love Halloween.  But I do.  I think a lot of it is that I never really thought about the scary parts of the holiday when I was growing up.  I only remember going to a haunted house once (and that was enough for a lifetime for me, thank you very much).  And watching scary movies wasn’t really big in my house, with the occasional exception—I still remember watching IT in the hallway when my parents thought I was in bed and hearing the carnage of Cujo while I was practicing my flute.

So what is the holiday to me?

When I think of Halloween, I think of carving pumpkins and how funny it is when the faces never quite turn out the way you planned them.  The above picture, btw, is one of our Jack-o’-lanterns from a past year.  I think of children laughing as they go from house to house getting free candy.  I think of warm fall nights (even though we’ve had our fair share of freezing Halloweens) just before the cold of winter blankets everything.  I think of the parties we used to have, before we had kids, where our house was filled with friends and the aroma of chili.

Maybe that’s not what the holiday is supposed to be about.  But to me, it’s become a celebration of fall.  It’s one last hurrah before we become trapped in our houses for three months.   It’s a night of fun, and family, and happiness.

So, in that spirit, I’d like to wish you all a happy Halloween.  May you be blessed with the sound of laughter and more chocolate than you can eat in one night.


One Response to “Happy Halloween!!”
  1. Halloween was the one holiday we could count on my father to celebrate. I have wonderful memories of him taking us out for *hours* of Trick or Treating. My best adult memories of Halloween are all wrapped up in creating amazing costumes for my kids. Just like Thanksgiving is the one day a year I pull out all the stops to be a great cook, Halloween is the one time of year when I break out my dusty sewing kit. In fact, my project today is to finish a Luke Skywalker costume for one of my twins!

    Happy Halloween right back at you, Chandra, and to everyone else as well:D

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