And Then What Happened?

For my first post here at Embrace the Shadows, I have a confession to make: I’m nosy. When I reach the end of a book, I want to know what happens next. Sure, I know that with romance I’m guaranteed a Happily Ever After, but I always wonder what happened to the couple after the last page. I want to know if the hero and heroine bought a house. Did they have 2.5 kids? And what happened to the bad guy? Is he rotting in jail, or in some alternate hell dimension where imps are poking him with sticks for all eternity? Or did he find redemption? (Another confession: I have a soft spot for villains.)

This is why I love series. I’m a paranormal series addict. I remember the glee I felt when I first discovered that there were more Dark-Hunter books, and then the suspense of eagerly awaiting each new one. I went to one of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s book signings, and boy did she have the crowd eating out of her hand. We were all dying to know what was going to happen next, and she smirked as she said she wasn’t going to tell us. Evil, but effective.

I’m easy to please when it comes to series. I like ones that feature the same character, or that take place in the same world with a new couple each time. I love it when a minor character gets his or her own story, or when past couples guest star in a new book. A trilogy with a set of siblings? I’m so there. Which explains why I never think small in my own writing. There’s always a character calling to me, begging for his own turn in the spotlight. I’m happy to oblige them.

I’m always looking for a new setting to fall in love with, so tell me, what are your favorites? Do you dig Katie MacAlister’s Dark Ones? Drool over Larissa Ione’s Demonica series? Help me make my Christmas list. 🙂

5 Responses to “And Then What Happened?”
  1. Welcome to EtS, Robyn! I’ve been on a YA jag recently. It began with Hunger Games because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Blew through that series as did my teenager and husband. (Thought I’d never get my Kindle back, grrrr.) Next, for Halloween, I read a zombie apocalypse book called Rot & Ruin by Bram Stoker award winner Jonathan Maberry. His voice was amazing and the characters so real I thought my heart would break when the book ended. Just like you, I was thrilled to discover there’s a sequel called Dust & Decay coming out next year.

    On a more romance genre note…Juliana Stone’s His Darkest Hunger, His Darkest Embrace and the upcoming His Darkest Salvation…the world and characters she’s built make me drool. And, yes, it’s always the villain or the deepest, darkest character I wait for.

    The one thing I will admit is that I’m not a fan of never ending series. Happens a lot in Urban Fantasy. When there’s no end in sight and no resolution from book to book to book, my interest wanes. anitablake

    • rbachar says:

      I think it’s the Trekker in me that doesn’t mind series that go on forever. Or at least stories in the same setting, though if there’s an overall plot I do expect resolution at some point.

      I usually don’t read YA, but I think I may try the Hunger Games. Everyone seems to love it.

  2. Hey Robyn! I’m the opposite I think. I’m usually not a fan of series because I like to know that when I read the end of a book, I can make up anything else I need to know in my own mind LOL I like each book in a series to stand alone and be its own thing. I don’t want a recurring story with the same old characters. I guess I like to think a story is just that–their story of how they conquered xxx or how they met and fell in love, etc. To me, I’m perfectly fine with that LOL 🙂

  3. rbachar says:

    I’m there with you about making up anything else. 🙂 Some stories I’m fine with just one. Like Disney movies. I loved the original, I didn’t need umpteen sequels to Aladdin.

  4. Linda Bass says:


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