Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Kathryn Blake

Welcome to EtS, Kathryn.  Before we get to the questions, I wanted to share a tidbit about your two books.

Mortal Illusions-

To save her brother’s life, Claire was willing to do almost anything, even give herself to a vampire.  Except he wasn’t biting.

Deadly Enchantment-

A shape-shifter romance set in Victorian England will take you to…

A world where your purity is validated, your mind can be read, and a trip into the looking glass will trap you.

A world where objects are enchanted, horses can talk, and your dinner serves itself.

A world where wizards turn into panthers, storms are unnatural, and you never forget that falling in love can be deadly!



You obviously have a flair for fantasy.  What attracts you to the supernatural?  That is a very good question.  I view paranormals, or stories about the supernatural, as grown-up fairy tales.  You are limited only by the boundaries of your own imagination.  Anything is possible, as long as you create rules for your world and remain faithful to them.  I have a rather vivid imagination, so it naturally lends itself to creating larger-than-life-characters with extraordinary abilities.

Your website is a cornucopia of information and GREAT fun!  You’re the queen of the interactive widget.  Where do you find the fun icons that you use on your site?  That’s the fantasy side of me coming through.  I like things that are “fun,” so I want my web site to reflect that part of me.  A lot of the animated graphics I use come from Animation Factory.  I prefer 3D over 2D graphics, and they have a great assortment of 3D graphics.  As for the games and widgets, I found most of those through avidly surfing the web.  I had a friend who professed that the Internet was “evil” because of all the time it can rabidly consume without you even realizing it.  And I have discovered the evilness of the Internet (in that respect) quite thoroughly.

You devote a page of your website to Pet Loss, and you’re a supporter of The Animal Rescue Site.  I’m also involved in animal causes, and I find that people who enjoy fantasy tend to be animal lovers.  What has your experience been in that regard?  I am a great animal lover.  If I’m walking along the street and see a doggie with it’s human companion, I always have to talk to the doggie first, then I usually smile at the human, though I may not actually say anything to him or her, since it was the animal I was really greeting.  We’ve lost all our four-legged companions, though they lived fairly long lives.  I so miss the sound of little feet padding about, but we knew we’d be making some lengthy trips, which wouldn’t be fair to the doggie.  I am reluctant to fly with an animal since I think it stresses them too much, so we’ve decided to wait until we’re sure we will be staying home before we look about for another furry companion.  As to the connection to fantasy, I’ve never made that correlation before, but it’s interesting to consider.

It seems that you love to travel.  You’re currently chronicling daily the 8 weeks you and your husband are spending in London on the Virtual Tourist blog.  How’s that going?  Thanks for noticing.  I love to travel and have a particular fondness for England.  My ancestors were from Ireland and Scotland, who didn’t care much for the English, so I’m not really sure why I’m so drawn to the country.  English history fascinates me, and I have a WIP (work in progress) fantasy trilogy set in late Georgian England, as well as Deadly Enchantment which is set in Victorian England.  As for the current trip, I’ll be truthful here.  We are couch potatoes who just aren’t used to all the walking you do in this country, and our legs are protesting mightily.  We’re also having to adapt our lifestyle quite a bit.  At home, we buy groceries for the week, pack them into the truck of the car, drive up to the house, then unload the paper or plastic bags in several trips.  That simply doesn’t work here.  You really need to purchase no more than two days worth of groceries at a time, preferably just one day, and then carry home the bags by hand for the half-mile or so from the store to your flat.  We brought some canvas bags from home (they are better for the environment and easier on the hands to carry) and the flat has some as well.  We visit the local Tesco’s (similar to Kroger’s) every other day and do our best to avoid those cruel, little plastic bags as much as possible.

Where can readers contact you, and where can they buy your books?  I love readers to contact me.  Really!  I’ve received some very helpful feedback from readers.  I have an e-mail link at the bottom of every page of my web site, but I’ll give all the pertinent information here as well.  My books are available as eBooks at Amazon, my publisher (New Concepts Publishing), All About Romance, and several other web sites.  In addition, each book has its own web page on my site that links to an excerpt or the purchase link.  Visit my web site at the URL I have listed below, click on Books in the main menu and you’ll see the pages listed.  I also have active banners on the home page that link back to the pertinent pages on my site.  And I have a contest running until the end of December, so I encourage everyone to visit.

Web site:


Twitter: krbwrites

Facebook Page: Kathryn R. Blake, Romance Writer

Virtual Tourist Blog:

Thanks for asking all the great questions, and inviting me.

8 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Kathryn Blake”
  1. Well, of course horses can talk! Mine tells me things all the time, most of them unflattering. Seriously, ladies, this was a great blog and I wish much success for this book.

    • The horses comments in this book were rather unflattering as well, but the ability of the horse to talk (a la Mr. Ed) was more due to the hero’s abilities rather than the animal’s. He wanted to get rid of his “extra” guests, and found some rather novel ways to go about it! Thanks so much for all your comments.

  2. rbachar says:

    Very cool. And I love those covers! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment about the covers. The one for Mortal Illusions is one of my favorites (okay, I might be a little prejudiced). Deadly Enchantment’s cover is either a “love it” or “hate it” cover. Some readers have said they liked it, others have said that they bought the book despite its cover. Although I’ve never communicated directly with the artist, I believe it is supposed to be the mirror scene in sepia.

  3. I *love* the idea of shape shifters in Victorian England! Thank you for visiting EtS and telling us about your books. They look and sound wonderful:)

    • Barbara, thanks for your comment. I love Victorian England almost as much as I love Georgian England. The Victorians always act so proper, but underneath the corsets and the petticoats….

  4. Terra Pennington says:

    Deadly Enchantment is a awesome book and I loved every page. Looking forward to reading Mortal Illusions.

    • Terra, thanks so much for your comments here! Sorry, I’ve been MIA. If anyone has followed my blog, they’d know I’m down for the count right now. My cold has turned wicked on me and people can hear me breathing from several yards away. Been trying to rest up. Hope I’m on the mend now.

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