Muses Gone Wild!

I am trying to stick to my writing schedule. I really am. Honest. But my muse hates schedules.

I’m a big Katie MacAlister fan, and she often blogs about her epic (and often hilarious) struggles to rein in her muse. I have great sympathy for her, because my muse is a hot mess. There’s no reasoning with my muse. I plan on working on one thing, and she’s dreaming of other books. Books several stories away in my carefully plotted timeline. I’m on book one, she wants to work on book six. I come up with a cool villain, she wants to give him his own book instead of killing him. Excuse me while I go bang my head on my desk for a moment…

There, that’s better.

So how do you balance creative demands with business plans? On one hand, I accept that if I’m going to be serious about my writing, I need to treat it like a job. On the other hand, my muse is throwing a temper tantrum in the corner because she wants to work on a different book and she wants to work on it now! She needs discipline, like a screaming toddler on Supernanny. And I am going to give it to her.

After I distract her with a cover art worksheet, because we are so excited about The Importance of Being Emily, which should come out sometime in May. Yay!


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