Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Regan Taylor

Fangtastic Friday welcomes Regan Taylor, who I’ve come to know through our publisher, DCL Publications.  Regan is one of those writers who spends time supporting other writers, and so she’s a personal fave of mine.  Besides, her stories are endearing and inspirational…and she enjoys a good romp back in time, i.e., time travel.

Her NEWEST time travel romance, America’s Hero, will debut soon from DCL Publications, and she also has a book that JUST debuted, Mistaken Bride, but it’s not paranormal, so I’m not supposed to promote it here.  (But as an aside, if you like a hot cowboy romance, check out Mistaken Bride.)

Here’s a blurb about America’s Hero…

When a Hollywood Hottie decides he’s going to bring a Marine Corps Major’s story to the big screen, the Major wants nothing to do with it. When actor Austin Quinn wrangles a fly along with the stunning Major they land where they never would have expected.  He plays America’s Hero.  She IS America’s Hero.

Okay, on to the questions.

What attracts you to time travel, Regan?

Because through them I can travel to any place, any time and see what happened from my own filters (or another author’s when I read them). There are endless possibilities with time travel in terms of where you can go, who you can meet and when you will find yourself. And, you can pair them with any other genre. With America’s Hero there is some historical, some present day along with romantic suspense and futuristic.  In my Photograph (due out this summer) there is a bit of western romance and a touch of fantasy.

I know that writing isn’t your day job.  How do you make it a priority in your life?

I’ve been thinking lately I need to make it more of one.  Generally during the week I commit to writing 1,000 words a day or, if I’m in edits at least an hour. It’s a gift to myself so I don’t mind staying up a tad later to do it. Weekends my minimum is 2,000 words a day. You pick the time or the length and stick with it.

You’re an animal person (so am I).  Tell us about the current furry creature(s) in your house.

Yes, I am. I’m on the staff of three cats, Mel my 13 year old white Persian who decided to move in with me 8 years ago. He was dumped and when my 21 year old, MaiTai died, Mel just decided to move in. When Molly died at 22 last June Missy and Bogie came into my life. Both are black cat and there are days I know Missy is Satan’s spawn. She means well but isn’t clear on the concept that I am the mommy and therefore the alpha.  She’s very smart, very determined and a total people cat.  Bogie is a feral that found his way to the Humane Society and then into my heart. He views me as “the food source” and that’s really all I am to him. That’s fine – he’s a sweet boy and when he’s ready he’ll let me know he wants loves. I do mention them frequently on Facebook and they have their own fan following.

I love your blog (link follows).  Your posts are slices of life.  Do you find blog writing cathartic? 

Actually, no. I’d rather be writing books but I do feel it’s important to share pieces of my life with readers. To give them a chance to see what might be behind different stories.

Thanks for hanging out with us today, Regan.  And readers, go check out Regan’s website at:

Thanks for having me!  Happy reading!

4 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Regan Taylor”
  1. Good post, ladies. I just wonder, Regan, if your cats ever keep you company while you’re writing. Sometimes I can’t even move my desk chair without rolling over one of mine! So I have to move v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y! Good luck with your books!

  2. Pamela Seres says:

    Love to see our DCL fam working together at Blackwood Caste! Great interview & blog Lady Susan! Lady Regan it is so great to have you part of DCL. Love the blog you are doing for us too!

  3. Great post, ladies! I have to laugh at Regan’s descriptions of her cats. I have one that leaves me strictly alone while I write, dreading the primal scream (mine) if she interrupts me at a key moment. The other is made of sterner stuff! Good luck with your books, Regan.

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