Doing Your Homework

Authors have all sorts of homework. Edits, promotion, writing new drafts, checking Twitter, and so on and so forth. Research is a new homework I’ve been encountering lately. My May release, The Importance of Being Emily, is both paranormal and historical romance, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a little scared.

From what I’ve seen, historical romance readers demand historical accuracy, and that’s intimidating. Sure, I got an A in my Victorian literature class in college, but does that qualify me to write a story set in the Victorian era? Maybe? I hope so… I tried to concentrate on the paranormal over the historical aspect of the story, but I fear emails pointing out my flaws. Everyone does. It reminds me of late night host Craig Ferguson, and his fondness for saying “I look forward to your letters.”

I kept my Victorian literature textbook, and I’ve been poking at it while working on my current project, but it makes me wonder how much research should I be doing? How much is too much? Will it really enhance my writing, or is it only distracting me from getting things done? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the historical research subject, so please share. 🙂


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