Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Kristal McKerrington

Embrace the Shadows welcomes Kristal McKerrington, a young author from Glasgow, Scotland.  Kristal writes paranormal fiction, as well as non-fiction for her Canadian publisher, XOXO Publishing (

Kristal, I understand you enjoy motor biking around Scotland with your boyfriend, long tub baths, and the lure of the Viking.  Sounds like a lively combination. 

Kristal McKerrrington said: “Yes it is, thank you for having me here today!”

You have two books currently out with XOXO.  Following is what one reviewer had to say about Freedom is Earned.

Freedom is Earned goes a long way into explaining how the generation gap has occurred and possibly how it always will exist. Kristal effectively describes her longing to make a difference and her passion for street dancing as a form of expression for all young people. Within the story, she also describes her own passions, hurts, humiliations and, finally, the strength that these things gave to her.”

This book sounds like a personal account/memoir.  Is it?

Kristal McKerrington said: “No, Amber’s is written within the ‘Free Series’ takes another look at Street Hip Hop in the way it was meant to be seen. The way it was for us. I based the story on someone I had known for years and her story was one I always wanted to share.  I added some fictional flares to it and we were set off with a set of stories that connects itself to other series I have coming out such as ‘A Different Life’ and ‘Marie’s Tales’ when Amber herself reappears within that series to help out fellow ex crew member Marie.  Amber also tells the story of the KittyKat Assocation, which was based off the oringal Street Hip Hop crew, that I once belonged to called ‘KittyKat Foundation’.”

Your recently released paranormal story is Shetland’s Immortals:  Against My First Love.  Here’s a brief synopsis.

Carla McBain was just an ordinary sixteen year old girl, until one late night in October; Carla was murdered in her dorm room. Carla was scared until Oscar and Daryl meet her on her return to the Islands, to meet her parents. After confronting her, they realise that she is a new Immortal. After staging her death, the pair convinces Carla to return to their Holy Ground, where they tell her everything that they know. They train her until the day comes that the Islanders grew suspicious of her presence there within the Old Viking Temple.

Deciding it’s safer to leave, they head out into the night in search of someone else who can tell them the truth about why they are Immortals.

What will they find? Can Oscar and Daryl survive outside of the Temple with a young Immortal? How did they end up Immortal and why are they protecting her? What happens when she meets her first love who is responsible for her being Immortal in the first place?

I couldn’t help wonder…is Carla a vampire or some other type of paranormal immortal?  Tell us more about her.

Kristal McKerrington said: “No, Carla’s not a vampire, there is a Vampire that appears in the book series much later. Carla is one of the chosen member of the human society to become an Immortal warrior. Someone who has a legend tied to her.  Through her immortality and magic she has the abiltiy to make Immortals human again if her and The Immortal Chief remain together.  They have to love each and be together spirtial for that to happen.  She was the undo button that the Norse created after they created Immortal warriors to play out their war games all those centuries before. “

I understand you have several books in the works?  What can your readers look forward to?

Kristal McKerrington Said: “I have just started to release my Young Adult series called ‘A Different Life’ and ‘Marie’s Tales’, which takes a Wrestling, Romance and a Writers, throws them all together into one life.  The series looks at how  she changes the wrestling world when she breaks into it and how her being in the Wrestling world effects her friends as well as her family.  For that side of the series you should check out ‘Marie’s Tales’ its my very ground breaking and risky series that has all ready seen Marty Garner (Cham Pain) an Indy Wrestler from Carolina get on board to help make the series a success.

We will also be releasing ‘Burning From Within: A Day Inside The Life of Kristal McKerrington’ that takes a look into my life and talks about how I deal with the Arthritics and the Dyselxia as well as creating the stories that I do.  This a real glismpse behind the words that people are starting to fall in love. “

Where can readers stay in touch with you?

Kristal McKerrington Said: “You can get in touch with me through Facebook at the official fan page and on Twitter. , the offical Facebook page

Thanks for visiting us today, Kristal.  Best of luck!

Kristal McKerrington said: “Thank you for having me and hope you will have me back soon.”

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  1. Thank you for having me and it was a honour to be here today. Kristal McKerrington

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