Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Paige Tyler

Great to have you here today, Paige. Your wonderful new release, Ghost Hunter, caused quite a stir in our Cover Clash last month, and I’ve been looking forward to getting to know you better. Ready for some questions?

Thanks so much for having me! That cover is gorgeous, isn’t it? The very talented Syneca is the artist and it features the sexy Jimmy Thomas. The pose absolutely fits the book too – I love it! Then again, he could be holding a wedge of cheese and he’d still look hot! Okay, enough hyperventilating over the cover already – hit me with your questions.

1. I know you’re a huge football fan. Anything about the game that inspires your writing?

The tight ends, definitely LOL! (for the non-football minded readers out there, the tight end is a type of offensive player). Has nothing at all to do with inspiring my writing, but I just love the name! I’m soooo bad.

2. Where do you find all those gorgeous hunks you post on your blog? And seriously, readers, if you’re in the mood for some eye candy, you’ve got to check out:

Oh, them. They all live in our neighborhood. Okay, not really. LOL! I don’t have a particular website I go to, so mostly I find them all over the net. Anytime I’m doing something on the web and see a hot guy, I save him to my computer in my Tasty Tuesday Hunk folder (I’m proud of my multi-tasking skills) and you get to see them when I post them, which I do every Tuesday over on my blog!

3. You live on the Florida coast, and I know you love vacationing at Disney World. What’s your favorite ride/attraction…and why?

I’m a Disneyholic! My hubby and I have been there more than a dozen times. I absolutely love everything Disney, especially vacationing there! I can’t just pick one favorite ride (there are just too many), though, so I’ll list them by park. My favorite rides are Tower of Terror and Toy Story’s Midway Mania at Hollywood Studios; Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom; Everest and Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom; and Soarin’ at Epcot. My most favorite thing to do at Disney, though, is take pictures with the characters. I’m like a kid!If you add them all up, I probably have a thousand pictures of me with the characters. And I don’t care if I already have pictures with a particular character, I never get bored with taking another.

4. You’ve said your husband is your research assistant. Since you write erotic romance, what kind of research are you talking about, Paige? Huh?

You really have to get you mind out of the gutter! LOL! My “research” assistant” is a valuable part of writing process. I depend on him for moral support, male point of view, and…well…ah hey, who am I kidding? My biggest reason for having my husband as my assistant is to try out some of those Kama Sutra thingies to see if they even work. Seriously though, we do a LOT of research, most of the time just to figure out if what I’m thinking of is even possible – you know what I mean? Sometimes a certain bedroom plan I have in mind sounds great, but doesn’t really work right in practice – and if it isn’t possible, it will come out in the writing as corny. Also, the research phase is the time when I pick up on those subtle little details that will help the reader really connect with the story – like what I’m feeling, or where I’m feeling it at. Of course, there is some stuff in some of my books that I wouldn’t dream of trying – even with my “research assistant,” but I’ll let you guys figure out which particular acts I’m talking about!

5. You’ve had books published by three different publishers. For the writers in the audience, do you find there’s an advantage to spreading the love around?

Well, I actually went with different publishers because I write different styles of books for each. Blushing Books is where I publish my spanking romances. While they still have hot sex, spanking is featured prominently in all the books. Whiskey Creek Press Torrid is for my less-erotic erotic romances. And Ellora’s Cave is for my super hot erotic romances.

6. What do your readers have to look forward to from Paige Tyler?

I have a hot sci-fi erotic romance coming out June 14th with Ellora’s Cave called PIRATE’S WOMAN. It’s part of their pirate-themed Ahoy Series and it’s about the beautiful Teyla Dunai who agrees to let the pirate Slayter Cardona sell her as a sex slave in the markets of Arkhon to honor the debt her family owes him. She’s determined to bring as much value as she can on the auction block, but she’s inexperienced where men are concerned so she asks the handsome pirate if he’ll teach her how to pleasure a man. Intrigued, and more than a little attracted to the lavender-eyed beauty, Slayter agrees. As he initiates her into the world of bondage, spanking and out-of-this-galaxy sex, though, they find themselves falling for each other, which makes things quite complicated! It’s hot, sexy and fun and it has a hero you’re going to fall in love with, so don’t forget to look for it!

I also just signed with Ellora’s Cave for another sexy sci-fi erotic romance called CINDRA’S BOUNTY HUNTER. It’s about Cindra Mallory, a woman who goes after the man who murdered her father. When she loses his trail, she enlists the help of sinfully handsome bounty hunter Bladen Sloan.

I also have a new release called THE POSTMAN ALWAYS COMES TWICE over at Amazon. It’s fun, sexy and smokin’ hot. It’s also just $0.99 on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook! It’s about a woman who’s been lusting after her hunky postman ever since he started delivering her mail a few months ago. In fact, she’s so hot for him, she finds herself ordering things online so he’ll show up more often. When her subtle flirting doesn’t do the trick, she decides to finally get serious and seduce him outright. She orders the heaviest thing she can find so he’ll have to bring it inside her apartment, then greets him at the door in nothing but a short, sexy robe when he shows up. He gets the message and spends his lunch hour proving he really knows how to deliver—in the bedroom.

You can read get sneak peeks of all my upcoming releases, as well as read sexy excerpts from all my books, and find out how to buy them, on my website at

Thanks, Paige. It’s been a delight!

Thank you! I enjoyed it!
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  1. Paige Tyler says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me!


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