July Clash of the Covers

Congratulations to our June winner, Apocalypse Rising by Maria Zannini! Thanks for voting!

Let’s meet our July picks!

What Susan Blexrud says: I chose The Vampire Who Loved Me for this month’s clash because it’s such a romantic cover. (Also, it beckoned to me from the book section at my grocery store.)

What Chandra Ryan says: I’m usually drawn to covers that use cool tones and hard lines, but it was the warmth of this cover that first drew me to it. The gold-tones are captivating. But, as I studied it, I became intrigued by the exotic feel of it. The woman’s exquisite eye color and the architecture style complement the warmth perfectly.

What Robyn Bachar says: I know, you’re thinking, “But Robyn, that’s not a paranormal cover!” And you’re correct. But I’ve been working on a space opera lately, so I’m in a sci fi kind of mind. This cover caught my eye, and then it made me check the thermostat because it suddenly got hot in here.

Now take your pick in our quick click poll to choose which of these covers will be our featured cover next month…

One Response to “July Clash of the Covers”
  1. Thank you for entering my cover. I was tickled and surprised to see it in a contest.

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