Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Cate Masters

Welcome, Cate Masters, to Fangtastic Friday at Embrace the Shadows.  Ready for some questions?

  1.  You live in Central Pennsylvania.  Does where you live inspire you?  Has the rolling countryside of your home
    served as a setting for your stories?

First, thanks so much for having me at
Embrace the Shadows, Susan! To me, settings are as important to the story as
the characters themselves. One of my WIPs is set in Gettysburg, a few minutes
from my home, and my stories Seventh Heaven and The Bridge Between are set in
my hometown of Lambertville, NJ. In The Bridge Between, the setting is almost
another character in that it follows its own story arc through the town’s
changes. For most stories, I research settings either online or by sending for
visitor’s guides. I was lucky enough to visit Key West a few years ago, and the
island history – particularly that of the Wreckers – so captivated me, I spent
a few days in the library. It paid off with Angels, Sinners and Madmen, my
historical set in 1850s Key West.

  1. You are published with several publishers.
    For the writers in the audience, are there advantages to spreading your
    work among different publishers?

Equal advantages and disadvantages, I
think. In this unstable time for publishing, some small online presses have
folded without much warning. So in that regard, it’s almost good business sense
to spread your work around. It also gave me a feel for how various epresses
operate – they’re all different, so it’s important to read the contract
carefully. Another plus is getting to know all the great authors associated
with each publisher. The down side of that is trying to keep up with all the
news on the loop, a huge challenge to me lately, unfortunately, due to some
overwhelming personal obligations. Because small presses don’t have PR staff to
publicize your work, it’s another plus to sub to a few different ones just to
expose your work to a wider audience.

  1. What do you think about self-publishing?

I’m actually having a blast with it. As the
rights to previously published stories have reverted to me, I’ve revised them,
designed new covers and put them out on my own. As an experiment, I recently
self-pubbed two paranormal novels, The Magic of Lavender and Dead to Rights.
The Magic of Lavender’s the first in the Goddess Connection series, and the
advantage of self-pubbing it is that I wouldn’t have to lock myself in with one
publisher for the entire series. Dead to Rights is a dark paranormal, and not a
romance, and self-pubbing allowed me the freedom to follow the story without
worrying whether it would fit any publisher’s guidelines.

  1. Your new book, Dead to Rights, takes identity theft to a whole new level.  Please share the premise with our readers.

It’s difficult to explain without giving
too much away. 🙂 I wrote it in first person because it was less confusing to
read – the heroine goes through several identity changes. She awakens in a body
foreign to her, her mirror image unrecognizable.

  1. You collaborate in a blog called The Susquehana Writers.  Has this collaboration enriched your
    writing?  How?

Yes, I actually helped cofound The
Susquehanna Writers, and created the blog:  Since its launch, we’ve garnered a few new
writer members as well as followers. Associating with other writers is always
beneficial; every writer has a different perspective, and opinion. It’s why I
like to have more than three crit partners for any story – every reader has a
different take. Learning is essential to improving your craft, and every author
has something valuable to share.

  1. What’s next on tap for Cate Masters?

Too many WIPs calling my name! I have
several other novels in mind to follow The Magic of Lavender in The Goddess
Connection series, in each of which the heroine will be somehow connected to a
goddess. Her lifelong quirks will become strengths once she finds her true
place in the world, and accepts herself for who she really is.

I’m concentrating on finishing another
paranormal novella first. Rights will revert to me soon for Wilderness Girl, so
I’ll revise it and re-release it later this year. The Wild Rose Press will
publish two fantasies this fall and winter – Romancing the Hero and a Christmas
fantasy, Ground Rules.  It’s been another
crazy busy year, but I love it!

I’d love for readers to connect with me:





Thanks again for having me at Embrace the Shadows.

10 Responses to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Cate Masters”
  1. Cate Masters says:

    Thanks again for having me at your cool blog Susan! I’m so excited that Dead to Rights will be in the August Cover Clash! 🙂

  2. Cate, I love where you live. I spent several nights in Gettysburg last August, and it’s the setting for my newest story. When a town has 10 ghost tours, you know there’s some paranormal activity going on.
    Thanks for gracing Embrace the Shadows today and best of luck with Dead to Rights!

    • Cate Masters says:

      It is gorgeous, Susan – the rolling orchards look timeless. I can almost imagine the soldiers tramping through these hills. The ghost tours are so much fun, that’s what my heroine in my WIP does, lol

  3. pippajay says:

    Stopped by to say hi. I didn’t realize you were a Lyrical author too! 🙂

  4. Sorry it’s taken me so long to stop in. It’s been a bad week. But I definitely wanted to stop in and show my support.

    You’re a terrific writer and a great role model. I’m lucky to have known you.

    A great interview. Thanks to you and Susan.

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