Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Time of the Faeries

“Getting to Know All About You” 
The importance of characterization in fantasy and paranormal novels

Vampires.  Werewolves.
Angels and Demons battling it out in unholy realms across the universe.

Fantasy and paranormal novels are
ripe with the unbelievable.  The whole
purpose of reading fantasy novels, in fact, is to get away from the everyday
and the mundane, the reality of doing laundry and earning a paycheck and
washing the car.

Yet, a good, satisfying fantasy
read has to be anchored in reality to draw the audience in.

For Time of the Faeries:
Afterlight, End of the World
, part 1 of my four part fantasy graphic
novel series, I devoted hundreds of hours getting to know my characters long
before I wrote the novels.  I mused on
the look of the characters, the likes, and the flaws, the backgrounds and the
hopes of each character.  Then, I took it
an admittedly huge step further by having several models come do photoshoots,
testing out the character on different models, in different costumes, and with
different attiudes.  Through this testing
process, each model brings a different insight into the character, which I then
add to my knowledge.  Eventually, I
settle on the “right” model for the character and do the final photoshoot,
which visually encapsulates all that I know about the character.  From there, I use the final image as
inspiration while I write the novel.

For example, the Phelans, my
shapeshifting wolf boys, went through several stages of development.  From “skater boi” to steampunk brats to
para-military survivalist, I took my boys through all sorts of scenarios and
stages of character development before I felt that they were real people with
real despair and dreams, real flaws and glorious charms, people who would be
able to survive a very fantastical post-apocalyptic world.

Most writers do not have to go to
such an extreme to make their characters real.
I admit that it’s just a little bit extreme.  Just keep in mind that knowing your
characters thoroughly helps build a convincing plot.

Joseph Corsentino
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Praise for

“Love Afterlight! Every image is amazing.” –
Rhonda Nolan, Facebook

“Having been a fan of J. Corsentino for several
years, I knew the photographs would be visually stunning. What I did not count
on was the story being so engrossing. His vision of a dystopian world is unique
and engaging.” – Karen Mercer,

“Well, it blew me away how wonderful it turned out
to be! Great storyline and plot points and gorgeously re-mastered photographs
left a taste of blood for more.” – Wildcat,

“I found myself jumping from the words to the
fantastic images, going back and forth through the pages like a hungry wolf
wanting more; and yet in the end…I smiled with a certain pleasure you only
get when you’re fed the very soul of the pages within. It is an amazing and
fantastical journey you will truly enjoy!” – Rhonda R. Napoleon, Beyond Fantasy

One Response to “Fangtastic Friday Welcomes Time of the Faeries”
  1. Wow! now that is characterization. I can only dream about doing that.

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