February Clash of the Covers

It’s time to kick off the Clash of the Covers for 2012. I predict a lot of awesome covers will duke it out for supremacy this year, and we’re starting off with three gorgeous contenders.

What Susan Blexrud says: I love the mirror images in this dramatic cover for The Selection.  The girl’s pose is enticing, and the layers of blue tulle are scrumptious.

What Chandra Ryan says: When I first saw this cover, I’ll admit, my jaw dropped.  Oh my, the heroine’s beautiful blue eyes against her pale skin and framed by that long black hair and those magnificent black wings?  Visually, it doesn’t get better than that, does it?  Only it does!  Seeing the vulnerably expressed in Paris’ pose makes my heart ache for him.

What Robyn Bachar says: I happen to know someone who is addicted to LRH’s books, and she’s been sharing her addiction with me. When I first saw this cover there was definitely an “Ooooooh!” moment, because it’s so gorgeous. Talk about being drawn into the story. Very cool.

Now take your pick in our quick click poll to choose which of these covers will be our featured cover next month…


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