Heroes Say the Darndest Things!

You’ve been there.  You’re reading a juicy story, aching for the hero and heroine to solve their conflicts, and the hero finally lets loose with his feelings.  Your heart thuds.  What he says isn’t typically a long discourse about the many reasons why this particular woman is right for him.  It’s usually just a sentence or two of sheer, unadulterated WOW!  Following are a few of my favorite “wow moments” from paranormal romance.

When Jericho Barrons says to Mackayla Lane in Shadowfever:  “Let me be your man.”

When Eric Northman says to Sookie Stackhouse in Dead to the World:  “I could love you.”

When Edward Cullen says to Bella Swan in Twilight:  “You are my life now.”

When John Wright says to Lauren Marsh in Love Fang (okay, a bit of self promotion here):  “I will be yours until the end of time.”

When Bones says to Cat Crawfield in Halfway to the Grave:  “I can’t just let us go our separate ways, Kitten, because I am in love with you.   I love you.”

What are some of your favorite “wow moments?”  Come on, share!



2 Responses to “Heroes Say the Darndest Things!”
  1. At the very end of All Hallows Blood, Varick has come back, and Keila throws herself into his arms. She tells him she missed him, and all he says is “I missed you too.” No need for any huge speech, because it was a foregone conclusion he would be back.

    • Susan Blexrud says:

      Love it. Another great illustration not so much of what was said (there are lots of cliches in those telling moments), but the context. Varick’s “I missed you, too” was a true goosebumps moment. Thanks for commenting, Raven!

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