Five Ribbon Review from Romance Junkies for The Gettysburg Vampire

Thanks to Romance Junkies and reviewer, Michele Rioli, for the lovely new review of The Gettysburg Vampire. I may just have to make a new quilt…to celebrate!

Here’s the complete review…

THE GETTYSBURG VAMPIRE is a deft blend of Civil War lore, vexing vampires and sassy Southern women. Well-written and unexpected moments of humor and charm fill the pages of this neat, intelligent yarn.

What-did you think all vamps were pale, thin and mean? Not all of them. Malcolm McClellan, a university professor of Civil War accounts, is a gallant gentleman and one hot, sexy vampire. He lives a low profile life and flies under the radar so to speak, to not attract undue attention to his true identity. However, some suspect otherwise…

Abby Potter, a headstrong, self-sufficient, chic looking theatre professor, decides that this year’s annual winter stage show will be of the legendary ghost train, Stonewall Jackson. Taking liberties with the script, Abby adds a vampire and titles the show, Vampire Train. She finds talented theatre students to round out the cast but the lead male part is up in the air. Now she is in a quandary, where to find the man who can breathe life into the part.

Abby’s boss suggests that Professor McClellan would be perfect casting. Ug, Malcolm? Granted he is dark and handsome in an inexplicable way but how can she possibly pitch her proposition to him? He scares the daylights out of her! Time is of the essence and she must make a quick decision. What questionable predicaments does she put herself into with the spine-tingling professor? Adding to her already tight schedule, she has to deal with a boss who is acting quite strange lately and hanging around ne’r-do-well people. What’s going on?

A wonderfully intriguing blend of Civil War legend and lore, the world of the strange and different via vampires, well-fleshed out characters and a real Southern charm lace this entire nicely paced plot. THE GETTYSBURG VAMPIRE is my favorite novel yet from author Susan Blexrud. Confident, not-so-little-woman Abby bursts from the page as one independent gal. She not only takes responsibility for rewriting a page from history about Stonewall Jackson’s Civil War ghost train but tackles crazy goons as well. Ms. Blexrud does a brilliant job of fashioning a heroine who is not only inspiring but completely credible. Ms. Blexrud’s novel tells an atmospherically tragic tale of the effects of the Civil War by combining a rare perspective of war life while melding together modern day adages. I was magnetically drawn into the emotions of the men and the emotional battle scars they faced. Malcolm McClellan is a powerful man with many hidden facets. I loved when he made overtures to Abby and her reaction to them. Shock and disbelief quickly replaced by tingling awareness of her hormones. Susan Blexrud nailed human emotions down pat! Malcolm sure is one intriguing, handsome man! Look no further; this story is rousing, serious and at moments, lighthearted, mingling Civil War life and trials, intimidating vampires and a shy romance that’s heady and appealing. THE GETTYSBURG VAMPIRE is delicious. Like a scrumptious chocolate bar with a gooey caramel center, take one bite and it drips down into your soul.

5 Responses to “Five Ribbon Review from Romance Junkies for The Gettysburg Vampire”
  1. What an excellent review! Congrats!

  2. Nola.Sarina says:

    Looks like I book I’d enjoy. 😀

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