My first hummingbird of the season!

His Fantasy MaidI’m celebrating the appearance of my first ruby-throated hummingbird of the season, spotted yesterday, April 19, at my feeder.

And while I’m excited about having these little visitors in my backyard until early fall, I’m also pumped about my new book, HIS FANTASY MAID, which will debut May 20 from Crimson Romance. This book features a geeky hero and a few other unusual characters–a dim-witted but endearing fireman and a bulky Incredible Hulk type. What kind of hero floats your boat? Take my poll and leave a comment. One random commenter will receive a copy of HIS FANTASY MAID…just as soon as it’s out.

A male, ruby-throated hummingbird at my backyard feeder.

A male, ruby-throated hummingbird at my backyard feeder.

10 Responses to “My first hummingbird of the season!”
  1. jacabur1 says:

    We woke up to a light frostvon ground this morning and are hoping it did not kill our 2nd planting as first garden we put in back at beginning if March got frozen in middle of March right when it all looked so pretty growing tall and green Susan.

    No hummers yet but still looking as we have lots if red blooms around with wildflowers.

    I chose the third option, not into geeks or circus strong man types but a man who works as hard as he plays and is a sweetheart floats my boat.

    Congratulations on new release, that cover is a cutie! šŸ™‚

    • Susan Blexrud says:

      Jackie, so good to hear from you, fellow Chihuahua lover! My fireman character in His Fantasy Maid is adorable Matt. He’s the brother of the heroine and a real sweetheart!

      We were surprised by temps in the 30s last night. I’d put my African violets on the back porch to encourage blooming. Hope they didn’t get zapped!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


      • jacabur1 says:

        Now it has warmed up can see no frost damage to garden Susan, my poor husband is very relieved! šŸ™‚

        Matt sounds like my kind of guy. :-0

      • jacabur1 says:

        Saw our first ruby red throat about hour ago and it was tiny and so pretty Susan, my red amyrillis blooms attracted the poor hungry baby so need to out my feeders out tomorrow.:-)

  2. Susan Blexrud says:

    Isn’t it exciting to spot the first hummer of spring? Congratulations, Jackie! I find that my hummers come in April, and then in May I don’t see them much because the females are on the nest. The males are eating insects (for protein), not nectar, and they’re feeding the females on the nests. Beginning in June, when the babies hatch, they’ll be back at the feeders for the nectar. I love all birds, but I have a special place in my heart for hummers.

    • jacabur1 says:

      Even more exciting was watching the hummers find the nectar feeder this morning Susan and I too have a soft spot for our jeweled buzzing by in a bug rush pretty little birds! šŸ™‚

  3. Love the guy on your newest cover. He’s my choice, but I’d like him to be a fireman, too. And a blood donor. And love dogs. And…leave me alone when I’m trying to write!

  4. denissea says:

    Hi Susan,
    great post and I can’t wait to read this. I always enjoy reading your books. šŸ™‚ I voted geeky.

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