~Welcome to Terry Spear and her wonderful werewolves~

ToTemptWolfWish Upon a Werewolf


By Terry Spear


Thanks so much to Barbara for having me today on EtS! I’m excited to be offering an autographed copy of either To Tempt the Wolf or one of my other backlist titles to a winner from either Canada or the U.S.


Many of the Native American tribes revered wolves for their prowess in hunting as a unified pack, for taking care of their own, for their cunning and power. But many felt they were magical also.


But in many cultures, wolves became something sinister. And from there—shapeshifting men-wolf beasts became popular myths and legends.


So I wish to dispel the myth that werewolves are the bad guys! Well, some are, but some really are not—think sexy, naked humans, who are very comfortable in their skin, human and wolf alike. 🙂


Tessa Anderson has a mission: rescue her brother from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Hunter Greymere has a mission too: well, he was supposed to be rescuing his sister, but a little accident happens and now he’s lying on an Oregon beach right before a winter storm rolls in. The same beach that Tessa goes to find firewood before the storm hits.


What do they have in common? Wolves. He’s one, and she’s obsessed with them, photographing them whenever she gets a chance. But other wolves are obsessed with her right back.


Welcome to my world of wolves—werewolves that is. But when they’re in their wolf form, they’re just like wolves, except they have human sensibilities. And what does this mean? No matter what they’d like to do as wolves…their humanity steps in. On the other hand, their wolf instincts stay with them whether as man or wolf. Not only that, they have their “werewolf” side to consider—no matter what, they can’t be exposed for what they are. So three sides really. 🙂


That makes for a lot of man! And woman!


I was reading another author’s blog on how she wrote about horses in her story, but didn’t really know much about them. So I’ll make a confession also. I’ve never once met a werewolf. But I’m sure if I did, I’d find him just like the heroes in my stories. At least I hope I would. I wouldn’t want to run into the nastier werewolf characters in my stories for sure.


“But wait!” you say. “You write that your werewolves are like real wolves. Do you know any personally?”


Okay, no, I admit I’ve watched video tapes of them, both in social settings and…ahem, settings that should not have been caught on tape—a little privacy folks. But it did give me an idea for Seduced by the Wolf that I used to good purpose. I’ve also listened to numerous tapes on howling—forget music as a backdrop for story writing. And I’ve studied numerous photos on their behavior. Plus, I’ve read a lot about them from wolf biologists’ points of view. And yes, I’ve seen them in zoos before. But those aren’t the kind of wolves I’m creating in my stories. Although no, I haven’t sat and played with their pups or gotten to know a real wild wolf.


Urban fantasy is fun to create. I’m not writing about Dances with Wolves here, where the wolves are real, but werewolves who appear to be real wolves. 🙂


Plus, I raised tons of dogs, and they still exhibit some of the wolf behavior. When my standard poodles would play with each other, they would snarl, and bite, and growl, just like when we would play tug of war with our Labrador retriever. And when we played chase with our Afghan hound, she was terrifying!!! They’re from Afghanistan and are bred for speed and hunting agility. One nip in the back, and after that, she’d have us pinned to the ground. Ever play tug-of-war with a dog? Our yellow Lab was a menace. Good natured old slob, but when she played tug-of-war, it was for keeps. Growling and tugging and digging her paws into the carpet, she wasn’t giving up for anything. 🙂


In every instance, they were playing, just as wolves do. But it’s a way for them to show who’s boss also in the pack. And chasing and taking each other down? It’s a way to keep their hunting skills in good working order.


I love dogs. I love wolves. And I LOVE werewolves. The perfect, sexy beasts are great protective guys to have around year round!


So what do you think? If you had a chance to go on a wilderness trip with a guy who really knew how to take care of a girl, would you consider a werewolf hunk as your guide? Companion? …and More???


Hope you check out just how hunky werewolves can be, and shatter that myth that they’re just scary old monstrous beasts.


Thanks for dropping by, and again, thanks to Barbara for having me! 🙂








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Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

18 Responses to “~Welcome to Terry Spear and her wonderful werewolves~”
  1. Very happy to have you visiting with us today, Terry. To answer your question, I would go camping with a sexy alpha werewolf, but only if he was driving a comfy RV. lol I tell everyone that I’m married to an honest to goodness Survivorman. My husband is amazing when it comes to the great outdoors. Me? Not so much. I prefer to sit by a big picture window and watch the wilderness go by. Ah, but I love the scent of pine and a snuggly campfire caught in a man’s clothes;)

  2. Terry Spear says:

    LOL, Barbara, I absolutely LOVE your answer! My kind of camping was in a pop-up trailer at a Panama City Beach fancy pants campsite, shower facilities, swimming pool, beach…couldn’t have asked for anything better. Well, yes, to have had a hunk of an alpha werewolf there to make it all perfect! Between camping in the military, and with Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts…nah…I much prefer a cabin with whirlpool tub! And a hunky alpha werewolf…. 🙂

  3. Suzanne Rock says:

    LOL, I think Barbara said it best. I married a real life alpha — who drives me totally nuts sometimes. 🙂 Having said that, I wouldn’t change a thing about him. He is more of the corporate alpha rather than the wilderness alpha, if you know what I mean. I think both of our ideas of “roughing it” is going to a little obscure bed and breakfast somewhere in the White Mountains, which isn’t far from where we live.

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Terry. I always love your posts!

  4. Terry Spear says:

    Oooh, that sounds so nice, Suzanne!!! I’d love to do that too! Cabins are great for roughing it…sleeping bags on rough terrain isn’t for me. I’m sure I’m related to the princess and the pea gene pool. 🙂

    Thanks so much, Suzanne! I’m thrilled to be here!

  5. Hi Terry,
    Wonderful post. Shelia mentioned all your research on wolves at the library Saturday when we chatted about books. I look forward to reading this next installment. Loved the other books.

  6. Terry Spear says:

    Waving hi, Linda, and thanks so much!!! She did??? That was so nice of her!!! I think I’m working the next meeting, but maybe I could slip in during my lunch hour and bring some books then! It’s been just unbelievably wild these past several weeks!!! 🙂 Just sent in Seduced by the Wolf, and am working on Plight of the Wolf (6th book, title to change)…for the next fast approaching deadline!

  7. susan leech says:

    Morning Terry, I really enjoyed reading your article and I would be happy to go around in the wilderness with a werewolf who will protect me and care for me. I already live in the woods, in the middle of no where and enjoy the peace and quiet of no close neighbors. I love people but sometimes I like to get away and just relax. I haven’t seen any wolves around here but lots of black bears who comes right in our yard. ha I would love to win your newest book and hope today will be my lucky day for making a comment. I love to belong to this group and find new things happening all the time as well. susan L.

  8. Dawn McClure says:

    Terry!! Hi! (I try not to scare Terry with my fan-girl tendencies. LOL) I have To Tempt The Wolf…reading it right after I move and get unpacked. 🙂

    I love to go camping, but only in short bursts. A couple of days and I’m good. I must have electricity…have to have my coffee. And yes, I’d take a hot werewolf! lol

    Great post! 🙂

  9. Lisa M. says:

    Its’ funy, when I was younger, I was terribly afraid of werewolves in the movies. I even had nightmares. Now I read all these books with handsome, sexy werewolves and I am not afraid at all. I think it’s because the werewolves of the old horror films were not the leading males of today. we get the vampire movies made with the sexy vamp getting the lady, what about a werewolf film where the lead male is a sexy,alpha who gets the girl? Just sayin’ so, yes, I would go camping with an alpha male were. for sure 😉

  10. Nicole says:

    Hi Terry

    Wonderful post!! I love how you took your own twist on those glorious wolves and added in details that work with what you need and the reality… I love them personally… all kinds of wolves. 🙂

    Have your first two and hoping to pick up the third as soon as I can.


  11. Diva Donna says:

    I would go camping with one of your Werewolves, as long as he packed plenty of clothes. Those wolves spend more time Naked than they do with their Clothes on. Not that I’m complaining. But I’d make sure he packed lots of extra clothes.
    Cuddled with one of those hunky wolves in a sleeping bag would be really Fun. I know they have a tendency to snore. So I might have to pack earplugs. These books are so creative and action packed and just downright entertaining. Wolfie Cuddles to You!!!

  12. Terry Spear says:

    Woohoo, Susan, I want to move to where you are…well, far enough away so I don’t crowd you. LOL I love forests. I think I must have been a forest creature in some other life. 🙂 Right now I live out in the country, but am surrounded by cornfields. Not half as interesting as a forest–bears, and the like!!

    Waving hi, Dawn!!! Always thrilled to hear from you! Omigosh, how can you wait to read it? Just sit on top of the packing boxes and you’ll fall into a world where you won’t even notice the cardboard smell. LOL. Can you tell I’ve moved a few times??? Thanks so much, fan girl (I love that!–I’m at work during my lunch hour and the print is really small on my laptop so at first I thought it said, “fang-girl”–lol!!!) , so thanks for saying hi! If you win, you can pick a release that’s coming later, or one of my other books. 🙂

    I so agree, Lisa!!! Werewolves are just totally misunderstood. Heck, I think Frankenstein got more sympathy. LOL!!! Yeah, they’re just alpha enough to be protective and possessive, but have that flawed side of them that make them totally endearing. 🙂

    Terrific, Nicole!!! Thanks! You will love To Tempt the Wolf…it’s got everything that counts!!! …and then, it’s off in the snow in Maine for another adventure!!! 🙂 Thanks again!!!

    LOL, Donna!!! Yes, they do have a problem with the clothes issue. But it just means you don’t have to wash half as much!!! And thanks for sending me the post card of a wolf from your trip up north. *sigh* Wish I could have gone too!!!

    Have to get back to work, but it’s been great to see everyone’s comments!

  13. Sheila Deeth says:

    We went to see the Wolves at West Yellowstone when our kids were small, and the whole pack suddenly started howling. It was so amazing. We were all entranced. And of course, I could scarcely get my video camera out, so we only caught a little bit on tape. Years later I was rerecording the tape for my mother and our black lab suddenly ran downstairs and stood staring at the TV as if she wanted to join in.

  14. Liz Falkner says:

    Hey, Terry! I’d definitely jump at the chance to accompany a werewolf on a wilderness trip – but only if he was as alpha and gorgeous as the ones you write about! LOL.

  15. melanie gordon says:

    Well me and my hubby go camping quite a bit and he is a bit of a werewolf himself LOL

  16. Terry Spear says:

    That is absolutely too cool, Sheila!!! Sounds like me though, trying to get something out to catch it before it was gone! And that’s too funny about your Lab. We had a yellow Lab and she definitely listened to some things on the tv, dogs barking and things like that. She would have been like yours. I wonder what your dog thought about it! 🙂

    Hey, Liz! Thanks so much!!! Yeah, *sigh*, they’d be pretty yummy! 🙂

    LOL, Melanie, too funny!!! But that’s pretty neat that you have one of your very own. 🙂 Don’t have to share him with anyone! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  17. Virginia C says:

    Wolves definitely have some qualities that would make them a good mate. The hunkier the better!

  18. Terry Spear says:

    Well said, Virginia! I so agree!

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